Saturday, June 26, 2010

I'm back!

Dear readers, it's been such a long time. I guess life has pretty much got in the way and I haven't found much time to sit down and share what I have been up to!
I recently started to work for a coffee shop and got back to making bread, which I absolutely love!
With little time left, I came up with some pretty neat little dishes that are easy to whisk up and relatively cheap too. One of them is this carb-less super healthy salmon dish. There isn't even any cooking involved and I have to give my husband the credit for it, he came up with the idea one of these evenings. Curious? Take a look!

This dish reminds me of one I made before, the "three way salmon", I just skipped the rice and used rehydrated wakame seaweed and used sashimi quality salmon, cut into nice fat slabs. Cucumber, green onion, a special japanese seasoning and a homemade super tasty sauce.
I haven't written down the recipe for the sauce and the seasoning, but please stay tuned, I'll write it down in the next few days!

Meanwhile, have a great weekend all! ^_^