Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mitarashi Dango!

Curiosity got the best of me and after searching on the subject, I decided to try and make what's called "Dango", which in Japan is considered a sweet treat.
No recipe for the meantime, as this was done without following a strict recipe.
I must add, since I never tasted the real thing (ohh I wish!), that it certainly needs some improvement and if anyone out there could tell me what the taste and consistency should be, tips, the right cooking times... I would be incredibly grateful!

These where slightly chewy and reminded me of a more consistent gnocchi. I also added a couple of drops of rose water and interestingly, it gave it a kind of fruity after taste, which was nice.
I also prepared a mitarashi sauce, which was really yummy. be continued.


  1. It looks yummy!! I am amazed you have the guts to wing it on your own... I guess it's like me and sewing... Not always sure how it will work out but no doubt we always learn something from it!!

    xo Steph

  2. This looks like a very good attempt to make Dango! Was it tasty?

    There are many kinds of Dango in different textures and flavors.

    I personally like green tea and sesame flavored Dango most even when they are not the tourists favorites. These are usually also roasted after steaming and served with Mitarashi sauce.

    Dango recipes are usually wrong... :<

  3. It was tasty, but I'm afraid the texture was wrong. Too Hard and the very center was not completely cooked. If you have a good recipe, l'm ready to try it out again! :D
    Thanks for the input!

  4. Try this one:

    - Komeko (better) or Shiratamako - 50 grams.
    - Firm Tofu - 40grams.
    - White Sugar - 2 table spoons.
    - Macha (other green tea powder should work too, this is usually used) - 2-3 flat tea spoons depending on your flavor.
    - Hot Water - 70-80% boil.
    - Mitarashi sauce.
    - Wood Skewers - approx. 4.

    Mix together rice flour, sugar and tea powder.
    Add Tofu to the mixture and work it with your hands until it is broken into the flour.
    Add hot water - little portions at a time, until it will become the texture of playing dough or your ear lobe.
    Make small balls of the dough. For their size- this amount equal approx. 12 balls.
    Boil balls in Boiling water for 3-4 minutes until they are floating in the water.
    When they are ready throw them in ice-cold water fast.
    Drain water.
    Put 3 dango balls on each Wooden Skewer.
    (optional): Roast them on small flame for 1-2 minutes.
    Serve with Mitarashi sauce after it has cooled down for 10 minutes.

    You can also use other flavors than Green Tea- it is usually not so popular with foreigners. Or you can combine a few flavors on one Wooden Skewer. If you do that, make two mixtures of flour, each with its flavor.

    Please let me know how it worked for you!