Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mitarashi Dango - Revisited

Just look at them... 

They are so cute to look at, you cannot help but feeling a bit guilty about biting into them. But fear not, these are worth biting into and they were gone before I even had time to say Jack Robinson.
The green dango was a bit out of the ordinary and was surprisingly good! I didn't have any matcha tea, so I used what I had at hand, green tea with roasted rice. It was grinded to a fine powder...

 Here are the uncooked dangos:

Here they are now, cooked and neatly skewered, ready to be drizzled with warm mitarashi sauce...

Compared to my first attempt, this was better in every possible way... taste, texture, look.
I went a bit overboard with the pink dango, which turned out bright red, but the dango itself was delicious, light and ever so slightly sweet. Our panel of tasters felt divided when it came to the sauce. I myself loved it and thought the combination of green tea dango and mitarashi was perfect.  Yum.
Big thanks to Hiro for the great recipe and wonderful tips!
Thanks to Roni for helping me explore the mysterious world of ear-lobe textured doughs.

Cheers all!

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  1. They are very cute to look at!

    ^~^ You are very welcome and say hi and thank you to Tushi for me.