Saturday, April 3, 2010

April's 2010 Humble Giveaway!

I have been taking more or less of a break this week as it is Passover and well, flourless cooking is not really my thing. I would gladly put up some recipes of matzoh meal cakes, matzoh ball soup (kneidlach) and chocolate covered matzoh crackers, but lets be honest, we have all been there already... and pssstt... matzoh meal cakes are pretty urghh. I made matzo brei just this morning and while it was good, I can't help but remember when a friend of mine once said that matzo brei could be cut into blocks and used as bricks. 
Just imagine turning saltines into flour and using that instead of flour in your favorite cake. Right.

So this was the perfect time for taking care of the garden, take out the weeds and just lay down on grass, enjoying  the warmer days...

I also prepared more than my average rice dishes and one that particularly hit the spot, was the Arroz Doce, or more simply, portuguese style rice pudding.The kids just went nuts over it!

Here's Irene, digging in, under mom's watchful eye. She usually isn't allowed anywhere near the stove.

I also made some wonderful hummus and masabacha, pictured below.
Masabacha is a wonderful dish that resembles hummus, but has much more tehina and isn't as consistent. It is usually served warm, mixed with whole tender chickpeas, plenty of olive oil, a splash of tehina, chopped parsley and a hard boiled egg.

Take a fresh pita and start scooping!

Masabacha with Gina's Pita... perfect.

So, getting back to the giveaway...
I wanted to thank all of you who came by my humble blog. Each and every one of you!
Many of you left me wonderful comments and it truly made my day! This has been the driving force behind this blog and it has helped me break off those "not so easy days" when I have to take care of my two toddlers. God bless them, they keep me on my toes every moment of the day and have been sampling each and every one of the recipes here. If they don't like it, it isn't blog worthy.

This passover hiatus brought on two things. One was a much needed clean up and the second was the realization that I had too many cook books that had served their purpose. It was time to give them a new purpose other than accumulating dust. One is a particularly wonderful book by Elaine Corn, appropriately called "Chicken 150 Great Recipes for All Seasons". It is a wonderful selection of a 150 recipes with lots of interesting tidbits and techniques on just about everything regarding chicken. If you love chicken, this will likely become your chicken bible! 

 April's 2010 Humble Giveaway 

I'm also throwing in this cute little gadget, the Chef 'n GarlicZoom!

This little garlic chopper has been receiving some mixed reviews and though I haven't tried it myself, I thought it looked kind of cute! I actually own a Chef 'n Dual Grinder and have been really happy with it.  So here goes nothing! ^_^

To enter the April's 2010 Humble Giveaway, all you have to do is:
1. Follow the blog
2. Leave a comment on this post in which you let me know which is your favorite cook book right now.
That's it!

A month is a long time, so chances are, I might be adding new items to this giveaway. Stay tuned!
This giveaway is open worldwide.
The winner will be announced on the 1st of May 2010 and I will accept entries until the 30th of April 2010!

Cheers all and good luck!


And we have a winner! ^_^
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After I skipped a number (which was my own comment), number 12 was the lucky winner of this April's 2010 Humble Giveaway! 




  1. Right now my favorite cook book is Everyday Food: Great Food Fast from Martha Stewart Living Magazine, it has easy recipes so I love it. But I also love to go online and search for recipes, is so great to find real advice from moms all around the globe.

  2. Mine is The Ayurvedic Cookbook. Just amazed by the science and holistic element of the food we eat. I loooove garlic so this peeler would be wonderful to have. :)

  3. I've been real into the Rocco Dispirito cookbook, "Now Eat This!"... putting a healthy take on normally unhealthy comfort foods!

  4. my favorite cookbook is Stop and Smell The Rosemary!
    So yummy!

  5. Hi, I'm living in kibboutz Ketura, do you this place, it's near Yotvata.

  6. My current favorite cookbook would have to be the joy of cooking!


  7. My current favourite cookbook is "Crust" by Richard Bertinet as I am currently mastering rye bread!



  8. I'm a little embarrassed to say it, but my favorite cookbook is probably the original Hungry Girl cookbook. I don't follow the recipes exactly because I hate how much processed food they use, but they give me a lot of inspiration of what food to make.

  9. Hi my name is Leeza and I've been following your blog for awhile (through LJ/google reader)! I love having a blog that's relevant to Israel. Often a lot of the recipes in US/other recipes are harder to find here.

    I just got Jamie's Diners (Jamie Oliver) as a housewarming present and I love it so far. I also have the American Magnolia Bakery cookbook (original) which creates decadent hard to find (in Israel) desserts, but sometimes these cakes/cupcakes etc are hard to make here due to ingredients!

    Keep writing! It's a pleasure!

  10. Thanks Leeza! Your comment really made my day, it's the kind of stuff that keeps me going, blog-wise! Have a wonderful day! ^_^

  11. Alexandra, a tua Irene é linda!
    A minha filha também adora arroz doce e para ela tem que levar bastante canela, o que eu acho um piadão!
    Tenho andado para testar umas variantes do arroz doce...
    Quanto ao meu livro de culinária favorito, tenho que eleger A Cozinha Francesa, da Joanne Harris e Fran Ward. As receitas são provençais e familiares; cada uma tem a sua lembrança e/ou história. Também acho a fotografia fantástica!

  12. At the moment, it is Taste of Home Annual Recipes 2002. I use a lot of TOH cookbooks but this one contains more good (to us) recipes than any other year.

  13. I'm following your blog!!
    My favorite cookbook is the internet! haha I get a lot of recipes from

    stephanie_dunbar07 at hotmail dot com