Sunday, September 16, 2012

My secret weapons for staying on track + guilt free recipe included!

So here I am, another 20 more days into the Jillian Michaels workout. I now have moved on into the Ripped in 30 program, which is divided into 4 weeks. In a way, it is pretty much like the 30 Day Shred, with variations on the movements that are not only harder, but also have more repetitions. While the first two weeks went all right (consider a couple of days until getting used to the movements for full strength workout), the third week, which is where I am now, is in my opinion, grueling hard. It puts enormous pressure on the legs, to the point that by the end of the workout, the muscles are ready to shut down in spasms.
One thing I realized though, is that I can't be a perfectionist and the important part is to do it and put the maximum effort into it. It works just the same, albeit a little slower.
I'm currently at 45.5 kg, from 49 kg. Again, doesn't seem like a whole lot, right? Well, it took me some time to wrap my head around the fact that numbers don't mean much when you are building this much muscle and you will with this workout. So ditch the scale and use a measuring tape instead, you'll be amazed! I already went down another size.

I thought I would share a couple of tips that have been helping me to stay on track and motivated (it takes more than good intentions to pull this off, we all know it!). So here is my secret troubleshooting list:

1. Coffee first thing in the morning is all the energy I need to get through workout.

2. Protein shake or bar right after the workout. Shower and then pick one of Jillian's breakfast and halve it (I already had between 120 and 200 calories in my shake or bar)

I use Syntrax Whey Shake Vanilla flavor. It has enough protein for my activity level and it's just 120 calories a scoop, it's very filling and if you add a little more than the 8oz (500 ml) of water, it actually isn't nauseatingly sweet. You can also thrown it in a blender with fruit and oat bran (no added sugar!) and you get a really healthy breakfast all in one. Don't use this as a meal substitute, unless it's very occasional... it just doesn't have enough nutrients. Oh, the price. Yes, it's not cheap, but it's an investment. You get more than 70 servings in a bag and it's a HUGE help. 

I always carry a protein bar when I'm out, in case I don't find a reasonable meal option. I specially like the EAS Myoplex bars. They have 190 calories, the taste is alright and they are really filling. Compared to other brands, which are usually cloyingly sweet like this one, it's my favorite option so far. Again, not cheap, but keep in mind that it is practically a meal and any way you go, it will be cheaper than eating out.

3. Motivation.  I tried to find myself a role model, someone that had more or less the same height as me to start with (at 1.48m, it would be weird to pick a super model). 
So who was it? 
To be honest, before I started the whole workout thing, I never even heard of her. But things shifted in my mind. While I once secretly wished to be skinny, now I want to be fit. I don't want to lose weight, I want to lose fat. And the difference between the two is so big, it changes the whole definition of shaping up. 
Jamie Eason is accessible enough to aspire to, specially when she's in her natural state, meaning, not posing in a tiny bikini for a magazine or insanely pumped for a bodybuilding competition. She seems to also have implants, if not, it looks odd at times and really not that hot. But she has those awe inspiring qualities that give me that extra motivation to workout and that's all I need.

And now for something completely different, here's a wonderful, protein packed inspiration for a weekend supper, after you worked hard all week. 
Instead of indulging in a big fat burger, pamper yourself to something with more style and less processing involved... this, my friends, is my dear husband's creation. A juicy tender piece of rib steak, topped with a good dash of Cointreau (citrus liquor) and freshly grated parmesan... it's so sinfully good, you'll think you're blowing your diet... think again!

Prime steak with Parmesan and Cointreau

(1.5 portion)

350g prime steak, cut thick.
extra virgin olive oil
Sel de Guérande
Freshly ground black pepper

Oil a cast iron skillet and heat it up on a large flame.
Once the skillet is hot, place your steak in the middle (so far, so good!)
Pour a spoonful of olive oil on top of the steak.
Let it sear for two to three minutes in order to get it medium-rare.
Add some ground black pepper and flip the steak over once a golden crust has formed at the bottom.
Sprinkle ground black pepper over the steak once again.
Let it cook for another couple of minutes, until the crust forms once more on the bottom side and remove the steak from the skillet.
Add a splash of Cointreau to the hot skillet to de-glaze and pour it immediately over the steak.
Generously grate Parmigiano over the hot steak and sprinkle with salt.
Eat immediately and without remorse.

Bon Appetit

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